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Picked up in 60 Years

and considered to the point

“ Collectors are Happy People ”

( Goethe )

And so I see myself again in the sanctum of a collector assoluta – averse to any fuss about his person up to, for instance, the 85th, which he celebrates, departing, alone by himself and his wife in the museums at Munich, with the old acquaintances – , viewing , discussing and hearing him simply saying

“ But  if  one  just  wants  to  have  it … ”

No different in former decades , still as assistant, in the office of a collector just out for something big, unfurling incunabula, manuscripts, baroque literature, and he looks, weighs and parts into yes & no. Then a look at the clock – and the movement of two hands. Which reunite what they had parted. And the question

“ How  much  is  all  this … ”

And, already about to issue a cheque, following up, “by the way, sometimes I would like to have … ” We had it. Right now. “How much? I just add it, but it’s no hurry.”

And once more I see a collector , by now already since long working for own account, dividing the presented and hear his summing up “So this you can take back.” And starting immediately, I encounter his visiting sister, still overhearing,

“ Well , Otto , buying  old  books  again ? ”

And as occasionally there are indeed higher ones for collectors than just their dealers, for once I took the second pile after the first.

And since it happened so in Holy Cologne , Josef Haubrich’s résumé of 1959 isn’t far away

« My  experience

from  40  years  living  with  the  arts :

almost  never  I  have  regretted

to  have  acquired  a  work  of  art ,

but  sometimes  I  have  regretted  for  years

not  to  have  acquired  one »

The dealer can only subscribe to this. He, too, rarely has a chance for another grasp.

“ Have you bought it ? ” So again another Rhenish collector, still young – “if my father knew that …” – and beside the build-up of the actual, that is Ridinger collection, like myself taken to wall-filling grandeur of international cartography and views. Meant was a rare wall-map of the Iberian peninsula. Which a mutual friend, Dutch painter and travelling en passant dealer, just had attempted to recommend to him. And of whom he knew, his next stop would be Godesberg. Of course I had bought it. And we still were at breakfast, when he stormed in to revert his not-having-purchased and was out again.

Many years later, when he no longer cared to add a further one to his father’s comfortable abodes, I bought it back to appease hungry public stomachs. And considered it, on a different occasion, as a final touch to be able to sell two of Justus Danckers’ “t’ Amsterdam … inde Calverstraat” continent wall-maps of about the 1690s back into the very street of their origin, into the Amsterdams Historisch Museum! America , however, went to Munich and shone 1983 in the exhibition 425 Years Bavarian State Library (no. 170 of the exhibition catalog). Later joined by Mercator’s wall-map of Germany. As far earlier already a portrayal of America could be delivered “as (state) present for President Johnson”. And apropos cartography of Germany 1988 the German Historical Museum lured with the hope “soon to receive again such an attractive offer as (Streit’s) General Map (1807/15)”. One was “pleasantly surprised (in Berlin) about the quality and the preservation of the General Map” delivered.

“ People want to sin ” the Deutsche Lebensmittelzeitung once stated and therefore it is the dealer’s obligation to help them in this, even if at first he hears the admonition

“ You  shall  not  always  tempt  me  so

as you do anew by your letter of the 6th this month. However, for I am a weak man I ask you to send me the offered precious item on approval … ”

I had offered him the NINTH GERMAN BIBLE (Nuremberg, Koberger, 1483) in an exceptional copy in respect of coloring, binding, in short, general state. And, as supposed, neither he nor his wife parted with it. And there was no more talk about the price being “even beyond Mr. Nordhoff’s Volkswagen price raise”, as only the month before on occasion of the acquisition of two other illustrated works. There’s a lot of good in using a dealer, who puts into one’s collection unexcitedly a top copy of Menzel’s Uniforms of the Army under Frederick the Great created for but thirty potentates only, when one had only asked for the 100-sheet facsimile selection from about 1900 as the only imaginable.

No different the experience of a new client when he had the secretary, familiar with the collection, confirm the acquisition of a contemporary leather-bound copy of Ridinger’s Design set and to entrust the desire for the 101-sheet Wondrous and was told, she had not believed her ears when hearing this were available, too. And that of the same provenance obviously having been still in direct contact with the Ridingers themselves. It were an exceptional copy.

On the other hand:

« (Warren Buffett)

is  always  interested  in  underrated  stocks

whose  ‘inner  value’  he  assesses  higher

than  the  rate  traded  at  the  stock  exchange »

Carsten Knop

in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Sep. 25, 2008

“ The hunting for famous names has considerable drawbacks anyway; it rather would be more correct

to love the pictures for their beauty ”

( Jacob Burckhardt )

“ … an existing signature (is) not always a reliable mark of genuineness: the number of false signatures on paintings is legion! A good collector collects – spoken elliptically – not names , but quality ”

(Laurens J. Bol, [Dutch Painters of the 17th Century – Close to the Great Masters], 1969, page 221/II).

“ To any art belong two : one who makes it , and one who needs it ”

(Ernst Barlach).

“ How many things do you know which  are  indeed  necessary ? ”

“ No  one  would  long  for  jewels  if  they  were  necessary .

And  for  that  reason  exactly  then  they  would  be  unnecessary ”

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin November 11, 1994 in an interview of Michael Freitag with Paolo Bulgari [b. 1937, grandson of Sotirio Bulgari as the founder “of one of the world’s most famous jewelers”]).

“ Great  (items)

deserve  great  prices ”


“ Sometimes  the  best  deals  are  those

which  do  not  materialize ”

( H. P. Kraus , A Rare Book Saga )

“ For Bodmer was , as any serious collector, a ( considered here less to the point ) miser for whom most prices were under the suspicion of fraud ”

(antiquary legend Bernhard H. Breslauer on the cooperation with his worthy client Martin Bodmer [Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Geneva] in citation by Thomas Wirtz, [Master and Sleuth], Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Sep. 12, 2000)

“ One  cannot  have  both  at  once :

a  precious  piece

and  a  low  price ”

( Nicholas Oppenheimer

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin
November 11, 1994 )

“ What is a cynic ? A man who knows the price of everything , and the value of nothing ”

(Oscar Wilde , Lord Darlington in Lady Windermere’s Fan , Act III)

“ Money  is  still  printed ,

great  art  not .

This  means  that – no  matter  how  many  green  bills  it  takes –

great  art  is  always  cheap ”

( Richard L. Feigen in
Lisa Zeitz, [A Collector  in Dealer’s Clothing],
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Aug. 6, 2005 )

“ Without even studying it (Saul) Steinberg called his wife: ‘Honey, come downstairs. We just bought a Rembrandt’ … Steinberg hadn’t even asked for the price ” ( Richard L. Feigen as before )

“ If  one  has  to  ask  for  the  price

one  cannot  afford  it ”

( J. P. Morgan )

“ Do you have consultants … ? ”

“ No ,

art  is  subjective .

There  is  no  use  of  counsel .

For  this  is  subjective , too ”

( Norbert A. Platt

as former Chairman of the luxury goods group
Richemont S.A., Geneva ,
on occasion of an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung )

Correspondingly John Quinn already May 24, 1921 in a letter to Cornelius Sullivan : “ The greatest Cézanne in the Exhibition [at the Metropolitan] is the wonderful figure of the boy in gray …

“ (My  adviser , the  painter)

Augustus  John

cost  me  this  painting …

I  was  inclined  to  buy  it …

but  John  shrugged  his  shoulders

and  said ,

‘It’s  a  very  empty  thing

and  I  don’t  think  you  want  it .’

That  isn’t  the  only  bit  of  bad  advice

that  John  gave  me ”

( John Rewald in

The Paintings of Paul Cézanne
New York, Abrams, 1996, vol. I, no. 555 )

“ Morgan came … and like all millionaires he was reputed to understand nothing of arts. But this was absolutely incorrect. I noticed at once that he could distinguish between quality and mediocrity. The best pieces attracted his attention immediately and right away he gave order  without  consulting  other  ‘experts’ … ”

(Augusto Jandolo, [Confessions of an Art Dealer, Vienna 1939, here 1954, pp. 221 f.)

“ Poussin about 1637 to Jacques Stella ,

that  the  arrangement ,

the  gestures , and  the  forms  of  figures  in  a  composition

should  please  those

‘ who  understand  to  read  them ’ ”

( Hilliard T. Goldfarb in the Montreal/Cologne Richelieu catalog edited by him, 2002, p. 10/I )

“ The watercolor has corresponded with own judgement very well. The Consul sends his best regards ”

(letter of the office of Dr. G. S. of Oct. 8, 1964)

Nevertheless it  is  sometimes  forgotten  in  the  hurry …

“ … Sotheby’s confine themselves to high-quality wares from pertinent collections,

as  the  financial  expenditure  for  one  object

– no  matter  if  it  is  auctioned  off  at  one  hundred  or  one  million  euro –

on average figures at a thousand euro … ”

( A.H., [Profitability of the Auction Houses,
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Feb. 4, 2006 )

“ (Maximilian Speck von Sternburg)  has recorded the origin of the paintings in three inventory catalogs composed by himself whenever notable previous owners could be named.

For  illustrious  provenances

were  considered  quality  seals  increasing  the  value .

Like distinguished genealogical trees they seemed to raise the quality of paintings. Who could say of himself he has works

which  once  were  the  property  of  known  connoisseurs

proved by this , beside affluence and fortune ,

his  own  flair  of  quality  and  made  a  name  for  himself .

Max Speck undoubtedly was conscious of this. For him collecting art was not only an inward necessity, but at the same time a means

to  show  personal  success  just  as  social  rise ”

(Dieter Gleisberg, [Maximilian Speck von Sternburg’s Collection of Paintings – Sources and Contours] , in Maximilian Speck von Sternburg, Leipsic 1998, page 23/II).

« We  are  neither  expensive  nor  cheap —

we  are  specialists »

shirt advertising by Tyrwhitt, London, March 2004

“ During the holidays I had time and leisure to occupy myself with Ridinger. About your ‘High-priced Specialists ? (Fictitious Conversation of a Collector with his Dealer at the Turn of the Year)’, it’s in the nature of things that the collector always regards the offer as overpriced, while the dealer is convinced of giving something away. I am pleased that the collection has advanced so far. It would be much more expensive today … Here just one gap … ”

(Mr. H. D. in an extensive written letter Boxing Day 2000)

“ Good  art  dealers

don’t  sell  works  of  art — they  permit  people

to  buy  works  of  art ”

( the New York gallery owner André Emmerich in the 1980s in an autobiographic essay
from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung September 29, 2007 on occasion of his decease )

“ For the extensive offer of the Luther Bible printed in Jena 1564 we thank you sincerely.

By  your  investigations  you  have  enhanced  our  bible  bibliography ”

(Deutsches Bibel-Archiv Hamburg by letter of Aug. 17, 1965)

However , 60 years
at times also reminded of this ,

varying  a  display  in  a  doctor’s  practice

already  more  than  60  years  ago …



Kubin, Marterl
Alfred Kubin 1926

like the angel

he reveals

the juice of things .

But if he only

asks for reward

he has

Landseer, Monkeyana
Thomas Landseer 1828


devilish face

It’s “a pleasure dealing with you”

( Mr. R. G. S., San Francisco, CA, October 30, 2002 )

“ (Your for me so  surprising  kind  shipment  and quite especially your kind letter have given me great and unexpected pleasure. Many thanks for this !

Immediately  I  took  out  my  Horace

and looked up the passage referred to …) ”

Dr. R. von S. by letter of September 11, 1968

“ (I thank you for your letter … in which you supply such thorough information on my Cries of London …) ”

Mrs. L. L. by letter of March 9, 1976

“ (Surprised and pleased I gratefully confirm the receipt of your catalog ‘30 Years

unmistakable .

It was a pleasure and profit to leaf through it slowly and to let the offer soak in …) ”

Univ.-Prof. O. H. by letter of May 2, 1989

“ (I thank you for the quick and thorough manner you dealt with my wishes …) ”

Mr. E. S. by letter of January 22, 2000

“ … I was digging and I found you . I needed to tell you that your collection for whatever reason has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you … I’m not a collector, or I haven’t known myself to be … I was going to sell this (sheet), but I just may have discovered that I’m to keep this for whatever reason. Have you made a collector out of me … For all your devotion, hardwork … I thank you ”

Mrs. D. H. by email of June 17, 2002

“ (thanking you very cordially for the very uncomplicated procedure of purchase , I like to inform you that the corresponding sum has already entered into my account. With best greetings and fine wishes for a very pleasant, restful weekend) ”

Mrs. U. K. by email of August 19, 2011

“ map arrived today in very safety conditions. Thanks for the extremely secure and accurate package! Map is very nice and in good condition: I like very much. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. Until to the next time!

P.S.: You  can  post  this  very  positive  comment  on  your  website ”

Signor P. P. by email of November 26, 2011

“ (many thanks for your shipment (Würbs, Halle/Saale, seen from Pressler’s Garden). By this Christmas was a complete success …) ”

Mrs. M. R. by email of December 25, 2011

“ (Your publications of the (ridinger gallery niemeyer) No. 25

Ridinger Life Work Fame Events 1698-2011

is a wonderful compendium. I thank you particularly this time for the shipment and am very glad to have the compilation …) ”

curator Dr. G. K. by email of December 25, 2011

“ (… I am fully satisfied with your (purchase) offer . Please order the money into my account … I thank you for the transaction and remain with kind regards) ”

Mrs. S. von P. by email of May 25, 2013

“ (and I hope that I can profit from the eternal youth and beauty of art for a long time yet) ”

Mr. H. H. Th.-B. by letter of April 30, 1991; customer 1960-2001

“ At this time we are on our boat … I hope you extend the same faith in me as I have in you in paying for this sizable sum in advance (sight unseen) in the expectation of delivery … Best regards ”

(Mr. P. C., July 22, 2002)