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Golf - After Lunch

Golf – After Lunch. Zwei zigarrerauchende, sich absprechende Spieler. Ihnen gegenüber andere nebst dem Jungen mit der Feldfahne. Kolor. Buch-Illustration von Frank Reynolds (London 1873 – 1953). (1932?) Signiert. 9,5 x 10,5 cm.

Osterwalder 885. – „We’ve got this for a possible half, Partner – rather a forgone hope, eh?“ „My dear chap, aren’t you thinking of a forlorn conclusion?“ – Verso: „Whatever will you do, grandpa, when you’re too old for gardening?“ „I expect I’ll start golf. But I hope I shan’t live as long as that.“ Die junge Dame mit Schläger. 9,5 x 10,5 cm. Unkoloriert.

Angebots-Nr. 8.486 / EUR  46. (c. US$ 50.) + Versand

Golf - Caddie: Ave yer finished wi' the links for to-day, Sir?

Golf – Caddie: „Ave yer finished wi’ the links for to-day, Sir?“ Letzterer läßt den Jungen nebst Schlägern allein. Links hinten die Feldfahne. Kolor. Zeitschriften-Illustration von B. Thoms (?). Anfang 20. Jhdt. Signiert. 11 x 17,5 cm.

Angebots-Nr. 8.479 / EUR  38. (c. US$ 41.) + Versand

Golfer: I say, Caddie, I'm looking for a boy called Jim Long

Golfer: „I say, Caddie, I’m looking for a boy called Jim Long. Can you point me him out to me?“ Caddie: „Jim Long, S’? There ’e is, S’, waiting for yer-’im wiv ver plus fours.“ Beide Jungen mit Schlägern. Hinten rechts das Clubhaus. Kolor. Zeitschriften-Illustration. Anfang 20. Jhdt. Signiert (unleserlich). 16,5 x 12 cm.

Angebots-Nr. 8.484 / EUR  40. (c. US$ 44.) + Versand

“ Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply. I wanted to comment that your thoughts on freedom (the quote that you had on the end of your message to me) are exactly the same as my beliefs.

I write, however, because I was surprised to get it from Europe … Although an American, almost all my early family were Huguenots … In fact, my relative, Jan C. is noted as the earliest C. to have arrived in N. America (in 1636, I think) … ”

(Mrs. C. F., November 14, 2003)